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Goji Berry Health Benefits Revealed!

goji berries ehalth benefits

Yet another Himalayan Superfruit has emerged. Well, not really emerged, its been around thousands of years and has actually been used in traditional Chinese culture for many of those years. This “Happy” little berry may very well be the most nutritious and beneficial plant food source on the planet! Yea, i know its a big claim, but watch the video below to find out why and how you can start utilizing this berry today. Check out these Goji Berry Recipes

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How To Use Chia Seeds

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Ok so you have no doubt now heard of Chia Seeds and all their health benefits.  You may have even watched our Superfoods 101 video on chia seeds.

Now its time to learn how to actually use these precious little seeds in the kitchen.  How about a few superfood recipes?

Well, leave it to Julie Morris to step up to the plate :)


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What is Holistic Nutrition Anyways?

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Most of us associate the word “holistic” with hippies, strange herbs, and being barefoot. But as it turns out, the father of holistic nutrition was no hippy at all. He was a lawyer and a politician, who also studied medicine and chemistry.

In the mid 1800s Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin was lying on his deathbed. It was two months before his death that his most famous work was published – a brilliant essay, not about politics, but about food. He titled it: The Psychology of Taste.

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